Brinner du för frågor om demokrati, mänskliga rättigheter och relationen mellan olika länder? Läs en spetsutbildning inom samhällsvetenskap och du öppnar många dörrar för framtida studier, inte minst internationellt.

Modern Humanities – spetsutbildning i samhällskunskap och historia >

Modern Humanities är ett unikt program för dig som är samhällsintresserad. Här får du mer ingående sätta dig in i frågor som är centrala för vårt samhälle och vår tid. Det handlar om demokrati, mänskliga rättigheter och relationen mellan olika länder. Programmet handlar också om våra samhällens historia, om idéer, kultur och retorik som har format dagens värld. Vi lyfter fram Europa men gör även andra spännande studiebesök, som på FN:s högkvarter i New York.

Strängnäs: Europaskolan Strängnäs

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Social Science Programme – English Specialisation >

Whether you are aiming to continue your studies abroad or here in Sweden, you will almost certainly be required to work in English at some point. You may already feel comfortable in the language and if you would like to develop your academic skills in English, this is the programme for you. You will have the chance to complete Literature and Academic Writing courses at the local university, and in order to do this, you will study the English gymnasium courses 5, 6 and 7 at an accelerated rate. There is an entrance test for this specialised programme and once you are accepted, you will be faced with a study experience that will be both challenging and enjoyable.

Danderyd: Viktor Rydberg gymnasium Djursholm

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The Social Science Programme with Advanced Courses in English >

We offer an exciting opportunity for students who wish to enhance their knowledge in the subject of English. The Programme with Advanced Courses in English, or PACE for short, offers an accelerated pace of learning during the courses of English 5 and 6 along with an array of extra classes in rhetorical skills, writing, and literature. In addition, in collaboration with The University of Gothenburg, two 7.5 point university level courses will be offered during year 2 and 3 of the programme. Students who wish to study the PACE programme, will be asked to take an entrance exam which tests their level of English vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills. This course of studies focuses heavily on language and Social Science subjects in an integrated way and builds on IHGR’s tradition of offering high quality educational opportunities in English.

Göteborg: International High School of the Gothenburg Region

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